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actually had a great life. >> join us as a new conversation begins in america tonight. >>> good evening, as we come on the air former penn state coach jerry sandusky has been sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. he is 68 and today he was sentenced to at least 30 years behind bars. the price for sexually abusing children and today in the courtroom, he defiantly stood face to face with some of his victims who were just ten feet away. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila was there. >> reporter: this is what three months in the slammer can do to a man. jerry sandusky has lost weight, his skin turned gray and his gregarious, everyone's pal persona, shrunken inward. the arrogance, gone. >> he did not have that annoying grin. he is a defeated man today. >> reporter: and that was before the judge lowered the boom -- not a day less than 30 years, as many as 60. >> he will not get out until he is 97 or 98 years old. so he's going to die in prison. >> reporter: his wife, dottie, in court for support. sandusky complained about the verdict, and in a defiant but trembling voice, pro
them. >> thanks for joining us. world news is next. >>> this is "world news." tonight, breakthrough. jobs increase, unemployment down. back where it was four years ago. the president, fired up. >> unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> but what does this really mean for the election and the country? >>> a massive emergency response. tonight, patients calling in, worried they've been injected with meningitis. what it's like to wake up today and wonder if it's you. >> i'm not just concerned for me, i'm concerned for many. >>> the sting. brian ross showed you tsa officers stealing your things, right out of your bag. tonight, he gets action. >>> and -- >> bond. james bond. >> the women, the weapons, the wit. >> i think he got the point. >> 50 years after the first one hit the screen, we have a brand new message tonight from the very first spy we loved. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with american jobs. and a number we have not seen in nearly four years. unemployment, now 7.8%. a surprising dip, dropping after 43 months above 8%. 114,000 new jobs add
now until the election. and your voice, your vote. abc's david muir is here with us, right now. david? >> reporter: great to see you in person, diane. not only were the jobs numbers a welcome sign for the americans lucky enough to get those jobs, they were very welcome by the president today, fighting to keep his job. and after that debate performance this week, tonight, that spring in his step is back. bounding up to the podium, the new jobs numbers were more than just a economic jolt, they were a political one. today, the president in the battleground of virginia. >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> reporter: hours later, in the battleground of ohio. >> it's a reminder that this country's come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: today, after nearly four years of unemployment above 8%, what economists called a sharp drop. down to that 7.8%, a psychological benchmark, broken. and a boost for the president, just days after his disappointing debate performance against a challenger who came ready. >> but you'v
, start us off. >> reporter: diane, good evening from the debate hall here at the university of denver. you can see the stage behind me. everything planned right down to the minute tonight. president obama will enter from the right. the governor from massachusetts, governor romney entering from the left. but to give you an idea of the intimate setting here, about 1,000 people inside this debate hall when it starts. look behind the cameras tonight. we're inside a hockey arena that normally seats 8,000, but they've created this intimate setting as tens of millions watch from their living rooms tonight. when president obama and mitt romney walk onto that stage tonight, it will be the first time they've met face-to-face in four years. last time, during the presidential race in 2008, during those back-to-back democratic and republican presidential debates during the primaries, when candidates from both sides were called onto the stage, it was then senator obama and governor romney, huddled talking. they have spoken by telephone. the president congratulated romney when he clinched the republ
by to tell us what she could see at the desk we couldn't see at home. >>> money maker. what happened today at the nation's superstores? it could save you a lot of money on your holiday shopping and we'll show you how. >>> hitting the brakes at nascar. in a season of seismic crashes, why racing legend dale earnhardt jr. says he's getting out of the car before people get hurt. >>> and rolling on. ♪ start me up >> mick jagger and the stones have a brand new move tonight. what have they done now? >>> good evening on this friday night. we begin with the aftershocks from that epic clash last night, that fiery debate between vice vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. we now know that 51 million of us watched. so, who won? and what does it mean for the presidential race? with just 25 days to go before americans go to the polls, your voice, your vote. and our team is standing by, including the moderator of the debate, our own martha raddatz. but we begin with abc's jonathan karl right now. jon? >> reporter: diane, it was an even harder fought than the presidential debate, but today,
's senior national correspondent jim avila tells us. >> reporter: boston's logan field, one of americans' boeing 757s, 47 of which, nearly half the fleet taken out of service overnight and into today as the troubled airline tries to make sure no more of its coach seats come loose in flight, as they have three separate times. >> seats 14 a, b, and c, i think, are totally disconnected. >> somehow we introduced failure. we're not sure if it is a mechanical failure or a human failure. >> reporter: american saying today it has identified the problem -- because seats came loose. in one case, flipping passengers on their backs. the seats came in rows of three. the row is held to the floor with what is called a saddle clamp that was improperly installed on the planes where the seats disengaged. >> on the safety side of the situation, american's doing all that it can do right now to ensure that the seats are being looked at and installed as correctly as possible. >> reporter: american says the investigation is still underway, but so far the airline cannot give a solid answer as to why now. these
's standing by with the very latest for us right now. terry? >> reporter: diane, this is what you see throughout the jersey shore right now. homes just rippled right off their foundations. this was someone's living room. there's a kitchen back there, a bathroom over here. but look down here. none of the infrastructure of the house is left. it's somewhere else. and that is why the real threat here right up and down the shore is what you can't see. fires rage in the town of mantoloking on the jersey shore early this morning, fueled by natural gas. it is a harbinger of a worst-case scenario here -- a potential disaster after the disaster. >> you can hear the gas. you can smell the gas. everywhere you go, you hear "shh", just all the open gas lines going. just scared to death. [ hissing ] >> reporter: do you hear that? that is the sound that everyone left in this town is faring the most. it is a hissing gas main. street after street. you can smell it in the air. and fire officials are concerned that these towns are basically ticking time bombs. everywhere we went along the jersey shore to
. abc's jake tapper leading us off. jake. >> reporter: good evening, diane. that's right. it is crunch time. this is the last chance both candidates have to deliver their messages directly to tens of millions of voters unfiltered, and as that new abc news/"washington post" poll indicates, this race is either man's to lose. president obama arrived in palm beach county this afternoon where skies are blue, but a debate storm is brewing. mitt romney seems to have some momentum, but our poll underscores a problem for him. a majority of likely voters continues to think a president romney would favor the wealthy rather than the middle class, 54%-33%. >> what he's selling is not a five-point plan. it's really just a one-point plan. folks at the top get to play with a different set of rules than you do. >> reporter: by contrast, 66% of voters think the president has done more to favor the middle class over the wealthy, and a majority says he better understands the economic problems people in this country are having, though some good news for romney. overall, he has a slight numerical edge in wh
at your house. something you're not even using. how to find nearly $800 tonight. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, a halloween hurricane is on a collision course with the east coast. hurricane sandy, threatening to blast millions of americans with rain, snow and wicked wind. it's an unprecedented superstorm in the offing, and it if happens, it could last for days. tomorrow, sandy is off the coast of florida. sunday, just off north carolina and then head on into new york on tuesday. our extreme weather team tracking it all tonight and abc's meteorologist ginger zee starts us off from miami, where they are already seeing signs of what's to come. ginger? >> reporter: diane, the winds have gusted to 50 plus miles per hour and that beast is still over 300 miles away from south florida. this is just the beginning of our journey with sandy, the hurricane that could become a superstorm. hurricane sandy, crashing through the caribbean. it exploded in size and strength today as it hit the bahamas, after relentlessly pounding jamaica. the category 2 hurricane blasted out winds of over 110 mi
massachusetts cabinet. >> i went to a number of women's groups, said, can you help us? and they brought us binders full of women. >> reporter: binders of women was the number one searched item on google today and a punch line for democrats. >> we don't have to collect binders to find qualified, talented women. >> reporter: re-energizing supporters is one thing and the president seems to have accomplished that. we don't yet know if the president has won over any converts. and with the race incredibly tight, including here in ohio, time is running out. diane? >> all right, jake tapper out in the field with the president tonight. >>> and also watching the debate last night was our own jonathan karl, who weighs in now with his personal scorecard. >> reporter: when it comes to the biggest whopper of the debate, mitt romney took the prize when he claimed that he would have done exactly what president obama did to save the auto industry. >> that was precisely what i recommended and ultimately what happened. >> reporter: that's just plain wrong. the president did put the auto companies through cha
are traveling with the candidates to tell us how you train for a debate night that could change everything. jake leads us off. jake? >> reporter: diane, top obama campaign officials have been pouring over republican debate tapes, studying mitt romney. and according to one person familiar with the president's debate preparations, it has been exhausting work and the president is definitely out of practice, though, of course, the campaign has been trying to lower expectations. president obama has been practicing for the debates at the westin lake, las vegas, resort and spa. 17 miles from the las vegas strip. presidential debate veteran john kerry is participating in the mock debates, pretending to be a different patrician wealthy massachusetts politician mitt romney. yesterday, in las vegas, the president tried to lower expectations. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. >> you are! >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> reporter: a new poll shows the president enjoys advantages going into this debate. 66% say his policies
market stirring to life. abc's cecilia vega tells us how much. >> reporter: it's the latest sign that america's real estate is on the rebound. greg steinberg and alexandra becket are flipping houses. they bought this two-bedroom home in los angeles and plan to fix it up and sell it fast, making a $50,000 profit. >> so this is the hallway that leads to the bathroom, and the two bedrooms over there. >> reporter: this was the bathroom. was, the operative word. just four months ago, this was a living room and the dining room. and you can see now this house is completely under construction. just gutted. but in a matter of just two months, it will be on the market and up for sale. flipping homes helped fuel the real estate bubble, and it made for tv gold. remember all those shows? from "flip this house" to "flip that house." >> one, two, three. let's get paid. >> reporter: today around the country, there are 25% more homes being flipped than last year. and sellers are walking away with an average profit of $29,000. much the houses that you're selling, how many wow say are housing that
course. a 5-car pileup at 200 miles per hour. what nascar pros tell us about how we can survive a crash on the highway. >>> and never let go. that famous movie scene fighting for life in the water. something brand new tonight. rose and jack could have done to have a happy ending. >> i'll never let you go, jack.o have a happy ending. >> i'll never let you go, jack. >>> and a good evening on this holiday to you, and as we come on the air, the evidence is pouring in, that presidential debate last week was a game changer, at least for now. here's the newest poll. for the first time governor mitt romney pulling ahead leading president obama among likely voters. the president is under pressure tonight, so what are his plans to turn this around? 29 days to go before americans head to the polls, it's "your voice, your vote," and abc's jake tapper has been working the phones talking to campaign insiders. he's at the white house. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, the obama campaign's official line is that the president's debate performance did not change the fundamentals of the race,
. >> reporter: he may not want to talk to us, but he admitted to a grand jury he had suspicions, even though he said he didn't know of any assaults. >> can you turn the camera off now please? >> reporter: so, you've got nothing to say to aaron? you've got nothing to say to his mother? nothing at all? >> and chris is here now. chris, you seek out other adults on this young man's behalf? >> reporter: we do. the pentagon pal who aaron's mother told us said to go home when they made an allegation of abuse. the prosecutor for the attorney general. it took three years for this case to be brought. we find out why, for aaron tonight. >> and you were saying, you don't call him victim number one around here. >> reporter: not around here. we call him hero number one, and there are already rumblings that there may be an investigation into how this was handled. >> all right, well, i want everybody to be sure to know you can see all of chris cuomo's exclusive report, it is stunning and it is tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 central. >>> and now, we turn to the race for the white house. and thes
? abc's senior weather editor sam champion tracking it for us tonight. >> reporter: hurricane sandy is pounding jamaica tonight with punishing 80-mile-an-hour winds and more than a foot of heavy rain. residents and tourists are hunkering down. after jamaica, the 18th named storm of the season will cut across cuba and the bahamas before expanding in size as it blows towards the south florida coast friday morning. tonight, there are already tropical storm watches there. but, where sandy goes next is a bit of an october surprise. it was last october when another storm system dumped more than a foot of snow on halloween. many kids were forced to trick-or-treat in malls, as their communities struggled with widespread power outages. east coast power companies are already gearing up for sandy. another thing to keep in mind -- conditions this year are similar to october 1991, the year of the "perfect storm," when a hurricane combined with a huge cold weather system, the resulting storm killed 12 people and caused $200 million in damages. when a tropical system combines with a cold system we
was to come too, but in the end, he did not. >> he said that he was not sure he wanted to come on with us because we're high risk and sharp tongued. >> no, he said sharp and young. >> reporter: humor. and then a pointed question from barbara walters as both campaigns aggressively court women in these final 19 days. >> one of the things of your husband, when he was governor, he was pro-choice. and now is against abortion, except in the case of rape and incest and the life of the mother. i wonder what your views are? were you the same way when he was the governor? have you changed? i'm sure you've had discussions about this. >> you know, the good news is i'm not running for office and i don't have to say what i feel. but i am pro-life. i'm happy to say that. mitt has always been a pro-life person. he governed, when he ran, as a pro-choice. but when a decision came across his desk -- >> explain that to me. >> when a decision came across his desk to use embryos for experimentation, and that's when >> stem cell research. >> he could not have on his conscience creating human life for experiment
wild. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, the last debate is over, and 59 million of us watched. now the campaign is headed to your doorstep. president obama and governor mitt romney powering across the country. obama will travel to seven. romney, to five. and this razor thin race got even closer. every night we'll bring you a brand-new abc news/"washington post" poll and tonight the candidates are separated. look at this. just 0.07%. that's about 91,000 people out of an estimated 140 voters in this country. 14 days to go. it's "your voice, your vote" and abc's david muir is in the middle of the action in the swing state of colorado. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening from the rockies. i got to tell you it did not take long for both candidates to race out off that 2350i7b8 debate last night. in fact, on the tarmac in florida this morning, i was on a plane, passengers looking out the window seeing air force one waiting for the president. then the romney plane taxiing off. a real urgency with two weeks left and this race high. u.s. the mad dash to the finish line, the preside
, the debate drama. the president tries to rally after mitt romney's big night. what insiders tell us today about why the president was off his game. >>> breaking news. those loose passenger seats force american airlines to ground 48 planes tonight, causing even more delays and cancelled flights. >>> health alert. a mysterious outbreak of meningitis, deaths, serious illness. and it's linked to a treatment for back pain which was somehow contaminated. >>> real money. can we put thousands of dollars in your pocket right now? doubling the value of that old car in your driveway. >>> good evening. we begin with that question we heard asked across the country today. what was going on with president obama at the big debate with governor mitt romney last night? we have learned that 67.2 million americans were watching last night and governor romney came out swinging. the president seemed to be dodging the fight. with only 33 days to go until your voice, your vote, why was the president off his game? has the whole race changed today? we'll start with abc's jake tapper, he is in wisconsin, traveling
weather team is fanned out across the storm zone. abc's alex perez starts us out in little ferry, new jersey, still underwater, rescue is under way right now. alex. >> reporter: well, diane, we've learned president obama will be in new jersey surveying the damage tomorrow, but i want you to take a look around me here. this is what many blocks across little ferry, new jersey, look like tonight, completely submerged. if you look down some streets, you'll see cars that tried to get out but just could not. in this neighborhood alone, more than 400 stranded people were rescued today. rescuers made their way through flooded streets today picking up stranded families. >> want to come out? >> reporter: and the boats bringing people to where they could be trucked to safety. whole families huddled together in the backs of trucks. >> the entire first floor gone. able to go on the second floor. power is down. water is almost gone. we have a baby and elderly person. >> baby, baby here. >> reporter: the frantic rescue operation began around midnight last night after sandy's storm surge swamped new
at the supermarket. >>> and, guess who? ♪ the patriarch of the addams family giving us all halloween advice. our spooky "person of the week." ♪ the addams family >>> good evening. as we head into this weekend together, 66 million americans are bracing for impact. hurricane sandy, lumbering up the east coast and threatening to come ashore as an unprecedented superstorm. it means epic winds, snow, flooding rain from florida to the carolinas, maryland to maine. and the storm is so wide, it could cover two-thirds of the united states. the fierce winds at the center cover an area almost the size of texas. our extreme weather team is in the storm zone tonight and abc's weather editor sam champion starts us off right now from miami. sam? >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight, sandy is running parallel to the florida coastline, but creating a stir in places really far north from here, like washington, d.c., states like new york, virginia, maryland, have all declared a state of emergency ahead of this storm. even the u.s. navy is taking this storm seriously, pulling 21 ships out of the harbor in no
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 66 (some duplicates have been removed)